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Email large files using Securely Send!

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#1 James (Jim) Hillier

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    Posted 06 March 2011 - 02:31 PM

    Most email clients/providers place a quite restrictive limit on the size of files that can be sent via email attachment. More savvy users can take advantage of torrent services or public file sharing sites but Securely Send is a very good alternative for anyone (especially novices) to send large files (up to 200MB) across the net.

    Securely Send is very easy to use, it is simplicity personified. All aspects; sending, receiving, uploading and downloading are clean and very easy to navigate:

    When you first access the Securely Send site you will see a 3-step window; step number 1 involves typing in your email address plus the recipient email address. Multiple recipients can be selected by separating each email address with a comma:
    Attached Image: Securely Send 1.png

    After clicking on the Next button you will be taken to step 2 which requires you to enter a password for your free account (the free account lets you send 3 files up to 200MB per month):
    Attached Image: Securely Send 2.png

    After clicking on the Create User button, you can now type in a 'Subject' and a 'Message'; if you leave those fields blank a default Subject and Message will be inserted:
    Attached Image: Securely Send 3.png

    After clicking Next you will then be able to select the file(s) you wish to send. Simply click on the +Select Files button, navigate to the required file and double click the file to add. Multiple files can be added by holding down Ctrl and clicking on each file then clicking Open:
    Attached Image: Securely Send 4.png

    Once you have finished adding the file(s) you wish to send, click on the Upload button:
    Attached Image: Securely Send 5.png
    (For the sake of expediency, I have used two quite small files just for the purpose of this exercise. Uploading larger files can take quite some time.)

    The final screen displays a message letting you know the file(s) will be stored for 10 days and includes a link to the download page:
    Attached Image: Securely Send 6.png

    The recipients(s) will receive an email almost immediately which contains a link to the Securely Send download page; all they need do is go to the download page and click on the link(s) to download the file(s):
    Attached Image: Securely Send 7.png

    Upload and download speeds are very good, I would definitely recommend Securely Send for sending large files, especially to family, friends and associates who may not be terribly tech savvy.

    Jim Hillier - Managing editor Daves Computer Tips.com

    #2 NickS

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      Posted 07 March 2011 - 10:53 AM

      Hehe, thanks. I actually wondered if some provider there offered a way to send the larger files via email. Added to my list of useful tools :)
      Zeusoft CEO/ZeuAPP developer.

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