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Reporting freeware


marko's Photo marko 07 May 2011
Please start a new topic if you wish to report anything, thanks :rolleyes:

This part of the site can be used to report suspicious add-ons you have found in freeware. This could include toolbars, spyware, ad-ware or negative ratings on any of the site safety services such as WOT, SiteAdvisor and so on. Any unorthodox activity by freeware developers can also be reported in here to warn others.

Specifically, this area should be used to report freeware that isn't listed on FreewareBB to warn others not to download it elsewhere, and in the rare circumstance you find issues with a title which IS listed on the site, you can report this in the usual way (look for "REPORT A PROBLEM WITH THIS DOWNLOAD") although if you prefer you can still use this section but ONLY when you find issues similar to those detailed above.

When an installer ask's your permission to install a third-party app, you are given a choice, therefore we won't list circumstances such as this on this part of the forum. The only exception to this is when you volunteer to install an add-on which you then discover contains a virus or other nasty surprise. Any questionable add-on which forces itself onto your computer should also be reported here.

With the increasing number of freeware developers jumping on the OpenCandy bandwagon, I want to make our position absolutely clear on OC for two reasons, the first is not to unnecessarily label OpenCandy as the only third-party add-on around and the second is to ensure we all use this part of the forum for what it was intended for. First of all, any add-on which our members, or we, consider as intrusive or otherwise questionable and which doesn't allow the end-user to opt-out will most certainly have our support removed from it's listing and will no doubt appear in our current list of bad freeware, this includes OpenCandy, toolbars and anything else for that matter.

Where there IS an option to decline the installation of a third-party app (such as OpenCandy, toolbars, etc) we would allow that listing to remain on our site as long as the optional add-on did not contain any form of malware, viruses or other nasty surprises and the installer did not use any form of obvious trickery to fool an end-user into unwittingly installing said add-on. To the best of our knowledge, OpenCandy does not contain any viruses or malware although we can't escape the fact it is a form of ad-ware, although there are other forms of ad-ware we all tolerate in freeware and to single OpenCandy out would be a tad naive of us all. However, the fact remains we would still remove our support for any ad-ware supported software if it did not provide an opt-out and our users flagged it as such.

After reviewing a lot of information on OpenCandy, it is obvious there are arguments for and against it, however the point we are making to all freeware developers is quite simply this - continue to offer the end-user the choice or run the risk of having your software removed from most responsible download sites.

You can read more or participate in a discussion specifically about OpenCandy HERE.

Charles Linskail's Photo Charles Linskail 10 May 2011
Hello Marko,

Kantaris 0.7.0 - No opt-out adware bundled with installer.


marko's Photo marko 10 May 2011
Yep, agreed on that one Chuck, if memory serves me correctly, Jimbo mentioned that one a while ago and we removed it, though the 'lite' version is 100% safe, will add the details to the latest list :rolleyes:
Thanks for the report

FreeWareFan's Photo FreeWareFan 11 May 2011
Thanks for such topic.

My report:
1) Orbit Downloader 4 - OpenCandy and SoftUpdater(it can't be disabled).
Posted Image
2) KMPlayer - Ask & Apn Toolbars. Also player collects some user's information and sends to developers(This actions can't be disabled, only firewall can).
Posted Image

marko's Photo marko 11 May 2011
Freewarefan, thanks for your reports - I can confirm you are indeed correct about Orbit Downloader and we have since removed our support for this download as it clearly installs OpenCandy with no option to decline; however, as for KMPlayer there is in fact an option to 'decline' the installation of the 'Ask' toolbar although I suspect a little trickery at play with the wording of the accept/reject buttons.

However, from my own installation I would probably have been struggling to remove this software for those reasons, however on further checks it would appear that KMPlayer (and I quote from WOT) "Violates the licence of ffmpeg". I tried accessing the ffmpeg hall of shame (http://www.ffmpeg.org/shame.html) to verify this but it's currently updating, but I would be prepared to remove the software under those circumstances and have marked KMPlayer for further investigation pending confirmation they appear on ffmpeg's pages as violating their license terms.

Thanks again for the reports :rolleyes: