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Happy Mothers Day!!

James (Jim) Hillier's Photo James (Jim) Hillier 08 May 2011
Well it's been Mothers Day here (in Oz) all day today. I've had breakfast in bed, a lovely cooked lunch and..........

Just Kidding!!!! :rolleyes:

My lovely wife has had a day to remember, surrounded by family....around 300 gandkids!! Not quite that many, but it did seem like it at times.....LOL

It was a day to remember for me too, although probably for very different reasons. :(

Anyhoo, a very Happy Mothers Day to all concerned. I sincerely hope your day was filled with joy and happy faces.


marko's Photo marko 08 May 2011
Our mothers day was 3rd April here in the UK Jim, fathers day being 19th June (I think) - looking forward to my breakfast in bed, lavish gifts and .. probably not going to happen, will be the usual take the dog out routine somehow me thinks :rolleyes:

James (Jim) Hillier's Photo James (Jim) Hillier 08 May 2011
Oh, the dates are radically different then Marko.

I guessed they might not actually coincide but posted anyway for all our Aussie mates and Mums out there.

Fathers Day here is some time in September, can never remember the exact date.....among many other things these days. :rolleyes:

I should have known those dates, but seeing how I departed UK shores just over 51 years ago, it is probably forgivable.

Anyone know what dates apply in the USA?

jam's Photo jam 11 May 2011
When mothers day come to all the day you sit your mothers and pray to God my mothers live long.