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Reporting Opt-Out

Mongoplus's Photo Mongoplus 29 May 2011
When the programs are listed can they also say if you can "Opt-Out" or not. Posted Image

I guest the new one is OpenCandy. I hated the Ask.com toolbar that so many developers used. :good:

Thank you for your service and support. :good:

James (Jim) Hillier's Photo James (Jim) Hillier 29 May 2011
Hey Mongoplus - Not sure which "listing' you are referring to mate; do you mean the normal download listings or are you talking about the list of banned freeware??

This is our current policy: Any freeware which bundles extras surreptitiously and without offering the end user any choices during installation will be banned and added to the banned products listing. Those which come bundled with extras but are open about it and include options for the end user to decline will continue to be listed in the normal download listings, but with an additional notation to that effect.

The exact positioning of the notation (on the download page) is subject to the vagaries of the software which controls the display, so is under review at this point in time. I believe Marko may be waiting until the new skin is in place before actually implementing that part of the policy.

Hope that helps,

marko's Photo marko 29 May 2011
As Jim says, we're currently waiting for the next update from Invision before implementing any significant changes to the site - I've now added this request to the list of "todo's" ... https://freewarebb.com/topic/60422-your-say-on-freewarebb-in-2011/ :good:

Mongoplus's Photo Mongoplus 04 Jun 2011
I was just thinking that some of these programs, that have been marked as bundle with other unwanted programming, may be good programs. If you can Opt Out of these bundled programs and just use the one you wanted in the first place. I know that some have been labeled as no Opt out function, but other have not. I just thought that if you are making the list that the "Opt Out" function could be listed too. :good:

Thank you for listening to my rants!!! :good:

marko's Photo marko 07 Jun 2011
I'm a tad confused m, if you mean we should list those downloads that offer opt-out seperately then this would be quite a lot of work and would probably only serve to confuse the situation, plus it really wouldn't be of much use to many as if they couldn't find what they wanted within that list they would just look elsewhere anyway - after the upgrade we will be making some additions to the site as we say, one of which will be a very prominent note on all downloads that include additional software, and as Jim says any add-on which isn't optional will be banned.