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Netherlands freeware man is sued by RealNetworks!!

realnetworks realalternative sued

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#1 marko

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    Posted 27 August 2011 - 06:35 PM

    In a somewhat confusing twist of events, the webmaster of a freeware site is being sued over claims that they were "linking" to an alternative to RealPlayer, and the owners of RealPlayer are claiming damages.

    The story is apparently that the owner of codecpack.nl was hosting RealAlternative, which it's claimed breached RealPlayers copyright - they were asked to remove it, which they did, but then RealNetworks decided they would pursue the webmaster anyway claiming damages on the grounds they should be compensated for each download of RealAlternative. Other reports have claimed the owner of codecpack.nl was not hosting it, but simply linking to it. In fact, until yesterday, even us at FreewareBB were linking to codecpack.nl for RealAlternative - we have, of course, removed our support for the download as we would not wish to become involved in any copyright wrangle!!.

    So far in this ever confusing situation the webmaster has had computers seized and has apparently had to appeal to family to pay for the costs of legal representation.

    Personally, I have a strange feeling there may be more to this than first impressions - it's highly unlikely that an organisation like RealNetworks would be willing to take something like this to court unless they had substantial grounds to do so - the fact is, if it's been previously argued and concluded that RealAlternative is indeed a copyright breach to Real Player then there probably isn't really any argument, the confusion comes when they are taking one guy to court for promoting the software whilst thousands of other sites still exist that link and host the file in question!!??. Download.com are actually listing the owners as codecguide.com, so the plot thickens!!.

    #2 FreeWareFan

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      Posted 28 August 2011 - 06:31 PM

      Absurd situation..

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