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Balayage's Photo Balayage 31 Aug 2011
I was a great fan of by Mozilla Calendar Project - Lightning, both the stand alone Sunbird and the Lightning add-on to Thunderbird. But twice now it has let me down. My database became locked, I couldn't change anything or add anything. Many search of the Mozilla site gave no clue as to why or how to unlock it. I do not have time for misbehaving software.

I am looking for a good freeware personal PIM program.

Any recommendation?



Balayage's Photo Balayage 01 Sep 2011
Thanks, I will give it a try and let you know what I think.

marko's Photo marko 01 Sep 2011
Just updated this one Tom, haven't used it at all so somewhat of a blind recomendation .. https://freewarebb.com/files/file/4753-pim-xtreme/

Balayage's Photo Balayage 05 Sep 2011
Just found I could run Google calendar through Thunderbird. It meets my needs as a PIM, it is simple, and all my data is safe online (at least until Google drops calendars)

marko's Photo marko 05 Sep 2011
Good to see you found a solution Balayage :)