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Could I downgrade to XP?

Guest_petesake_* 09 Sep 2011
I read somewhere that it was possible to downgrade to xp from windows7. Can it be done or not, I tried after I bought a new laptop and it had windows7 on it, I know I should try and stick with it but it's taking me twice as long to do things, I really want xp back. I have an XP disc but the laptop just keeps telling me somethign about unplugging hardware every time I try and install the damn thing.
Any help appreciated

marko's Photo marko 09 Sep 2011
Pete, it is possible but usually there is some sacrifice of power through downgrading - normally you loose the power of a SATA drive, here's more info : https://freewarebb.com/topic/60487-installing-windows-xp-after-windows-7/

Guest_petesake_* 09 Sep 2011
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. managed to grab a load of drivers for my machine and I have XP up and running again.
Read your other post and made a restore disc so if I ever need to go back to windows7 it will be a dodle
:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: