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Misleading and dodgy installers that trick...

marko's Photo marko 07 Oct 2011
Although we usually place a warning on software which has addons integrated in it, it's often the case that some developers use misleading or sneaky tactics in an attempt to trick you into installing other software you don't want, need or ask for. If you have any experiences of installers that do this, please give us the example and we'll add it to the list of sneaky practices below.

By referring to this list whenever you are warned that a download could contain an additional piece of software (third party installs) you will remain up-to-date on what you could expect to see during an install which contains an additional piece of software. Remember, let us know about anything you find particularly tricky or misleading within an install process and we'll add it to the list :)

Here's what to look out for when installing ...
  • Be careful of license agreements, sometimes they're NOT relating to the software you want to install - they are in fact license agreements relating to third party software. This means you will sometimes have to DECLINE a license agreement if it is on the same page as details relating to a toolbar or search add-on, etc.
  • Where you are given the option of an Express or Custom installation, make sure to check what the Custom installation contains. It may be that you have the option to untick additional software you don't want to install!.

mikec's Photo mikec 07 Oct 2011
I've come across this one allot lately... Installing a new program you see 2 Install options, "Express" and "Advanced". Choosing "Advanced" will bring a window with a toolbar add-on etc... already checked, and often an option to change your homepage and default search engine to a new location, already checked. NOTE: You might expect this, if you choose "Express" you are not given the choice and the add-on and modifications to your browser force-fed to you.

marko's Photo marko 07 Oct 2011
Will ad this to the warning text :)

wyrwolf's Photo wyrwolf 07 Oct 2011
Right now, Google is the worst offender - slipping in extras (like Norton! for godssake), and MULTIPLE update services. Adobe used to be bad, but they wised-up and are transparent & upfront, making it easy to find and adjust settings and if you do decide to allow one of their background services, it has a small footprint (unlike Google which chews up cycles slowing down the system). Even Microsoft has gotten better.
This comment may not seem relevant, but since other companies follow Google's lead, we can expect a resurgence of this BS. Personally, I recommend always checking your startups, running apps, and services after every set of installs.

mikec's Photo mikec 07 Oct 2011
Yes Brother, your comment is indeed relevant. All sneak-in's are what this message forum is for. Let's hear more!

Life is what you let them get away with! :ph34r:

marko's Photo marko 08 Oct 2011
Fab review Jimbo, cheers for that mate :good:

jjj's Photo jjj 22 Nov 2011
Last week I was caught out by clicking on the wrong download button on FBB but realised immediately when the downloading file name
didn't match the wanted file - I just deleted it and downloaded the correct one.( yes ok I must have been half asleep)
Tonight I came across a similar advert made up of a large download button and a very small description to make it appear to be part of your site. It was for FoxTab Media Converter - a quick google shows it up to be in the dodgy category and often downloaded by in error from other sites .
Just a warning to others.

marko's Photo marko 22 Nov 2011
jjj, I'm slightly confused on a couple of things - firstly, we don't actually list FoxTab Media Converter (although I'll certainly add it to the site) so I'm a tad confused where abouts you were attempting to download this ... if you searched for it, it's possible a google ad on the search results page could have presented a link for you but it would only have been a link and not a large download button.

If you can give me more details, such as where the large download button was and the URL to the dodgy download I'll certainly make sure any ads on our site do not serve that URL in future :)

Also, you shouldn't be seeing the normal ads on the download listings as you are an advanced member, you will however see links on the search pages as this cannot be disabled at all via google sitesearch unfortunately

jjj's Photo jjj 23 Nov 2011
Yes it is a add , made out to appear as a legit part of your site ( I usually do not log on - thus the adds ) and it seems to be increasing its frequency. I have a screen shot however I am unsure of how to include images in the post.
This type has been around for a while, however this one seems to be targeting freeware sites and has evolved to be effective-
(Darwinism at work)