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Addon Tricky Tactics

We're creating a list of the tricky tactics some developers use to have us install third-party addons. Please post those you have seen HERE.


What tricks have you seen to make us install addons?

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#1 marko

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    Posted Yesterday, 12:13 PM

    Although we usually place a warning on software which has addons integrated in it, it's often the case that some developers use misleading or sneaky tactics in an attempt to make you think you're only getting the program you downloaded, and not third party add-ons. If you have any experiences of installers that do this, please give us the example and we'll add it to the warning notice we place on such downloads.

    For example, sometimes when we install something we'll see the "license agreement" already ticked and so will just continue installing and when we notice a toolbar installed we wonder where it came from. Another check of the installer reveals the "license agreement" didn't relate to the software at all, but to the additional software. Although not particularly nasty, it's a little sneaky and misleading.

    Those are the examples we're looking for and as I say, we intend on adding them to the notice already placed on downloads containing addons which currently looks like this:

    Attached File 07-10-2011 13-08-44.png (5.08K)
    Number of downloads: 3

    By listing the various ways some developers attempt to trick us into installing the addons, hopefully people will become more aware of them and will avoid installing them altogether which will go some way towards sending a clear message to those developers that this is an unacceptable method of creating revenue.

    I've ammended the warning and will keep adding hints as they come - it now looks like this:

    Attached File 07-10-2011 13-21-35.png (14.24K)
    Number of downloads: 2

    #2 mikec

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      Posted Yesterday, 03:14 PM

      I've come across this one allot lately... Installing a new program you see 2 Install options, "Express" and "Advanced". Choosing "Advanced" will bring a window with a toolbar add-on etc... already checked, and often an option to change your homepage and default search engine to a new location, already checked. NOTE: You might expect this, if you choose "Express" you are not given the choice and the add-on and modifications to your browser force-fed to you.

      #3 marko

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        Posted Yesterday, 03:15 PM

        Will ad this to the warning text :)

        #4 wyrwolf

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          Posted Yesterday, 10:10 PM

          Right now, Google is the worst offender - slipping in extras (like Norton! for godssake), and MULTIPLE update services. Adobe used to be bad, but they wised-up and are transparent & upfront, making it easy to find and adjust settings and if you do decide to allow one of their background services, it has a small footprint (unlike Google which chews up cycles slowing down the system). Even Microsoft has gotten better.
          This comment may not seem relevant, but since other companies follow Google's lead, we can expect a resurgence of this BS. Personally, I recommend always checking your startups, running apps, and services after every set of installs.
          It is what it is

          #5 mikec

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            Posted Yesterday, 10:31 PM

            Yes Brother, your comment is indeed relevant. All sneak-in's are what this message forum is for. Let's hear more!

            Life is what you let them get away with! :ph34r:

            #6 James (Jim) Hillier

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              Posted Today, 12:31 AM

              FreewareBB - helping you avoid those bundled extras,.
              Jim Hillier - Freeware editor Daves Computer Tips.com

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