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Program to read deleted files on a memory...

JFCJAX's Photo JFCJAX 14 Oct 2011
Anyone know of such a FREE program? There may be one already listed but I am not sure of the category it would be found under. I know I have seen such programs before, but cannot recall if they were free or not.
FYI, the card is a Compact Flash card.

jjj's Photo jjj 14 Oct 2011

Its featured in todays hot picks and is put out by the same people who make CCleaner so works well.
Have used to recover files from a camera's SD card ( via a usb card reader rather than still in the camera)

marko's Photo marko 15 Oct 2011
These kind of utils are somewhat limited on the freeware platform, but you could also try:

If any of those suggested work well, please do let us know :)

FreeWareFan's Photo FreeWareFan 15 Oct 2011
I know some more. :D
You can check
http://www.easeus.com/datarecoverywizard/free-data-recovery-software.htm (1 Gb for free).
http://www.pcinspector.de/default.htm?po=1&language=1 (also free version for recovering from memory cards - Smart Recovery)
Avira UnErase

DMDE - powerful disk editior and data recovery software, free version have some limitations.

http://www.mjm.co.uk/Freephoto_recovery.htm (photo recovery)

Also read this article.

LeKanaw's Photo LeKanaw 15 Oct 2011
One that is not previously listed is PhotoRec/TestDisc by Christoph Grenier - and its crossplatform :good:

On the Wikipedia page, after the article you can see a listing of many other softs for this purpose

I also have this tutorial on my folder, hope it helps

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marko's Photo marko 16 Oct 2011

 FreeWareFan, on 15 October 2011 - 08:37 AM, said:

I know some more. :D
You can check

That's way more external URL's than I'd mormally be comfortable with FF, also, Brothersoft is certainly not a download site I'd want to promote here on FBB - I have no problem with any amount of recommendations, just not more than a couple of good rated URL's, feel free to post any amount of titles names, just not masses of URLs :)

BobMaria's Photo BobMaria Yesterday, 10:13 AM
Be it SD card, xD card, MMC card, mini SD or micro SD card, Kernel for Windows Disk Recovery software is competent enough to pull out every lost data from all types of memory cards. It’s not only a memory card recovery tool, but also recovers data from flash and USB drives.