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Search facility in Win 7 comparable to tha...

Peter M's Photo Peter M 14 Oct 2011
Saturday 15 October 2011 11:47 a.m.

Hi, my name is Peter, from Australasia, and I have just registered on this site.

I have asked a question that would seem simple but for which I've never found an answer nor have any I've asked.
Simple question with Win XP, in its search fuction, you could search for words within say a text, word file etc.

With Win 7 I can't seem to get that same excellent response!

Can anyone help from within Win 7 or with a freeware file that can do it. I've tried Instant File Finder v1.13.5 but again it does not look for words within a file, it only searches for the chose word in the folder or file names.

Any help or link you could give me would be really appreciated.

All the best.

Peter M

marko's Photo marko 15 Oct 2011
Give AstroGrep a quick try - http://astrogrep.sourceforge.net/ ... this isn't really something I'd be familiar with, but if that tool is any good I'll add it to the site, please let us know how you get on and if anyone else can make a suggestion please do :)

James (Jim) Hillier's Photo James (Jim) Hillier 15 Oct 2011
Win7 search can do that - quickly and easily. Just type a word or phrase into the search dialogue box. Let it do its thing and when ended (doesn't take long at all) scroll down to the bottom of the results and you will see options to search specific areas, including 'Custom'.