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Former scammers buys Lavasoft!

lavasoft sold bought buyout takeover

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#1 marko

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    Posted 14 November 2011 - 03:52 PM

    Lavasoft, the people responsible for bringing us the once great Ad-Aware before all the nonsense and bloat was piled on, has recently been sold to the very people who Lavasoft reported as scamming their customers by selling the FREE version of Ad-Aware to them!.

    The new owners, Solaria who bought the company in January this year have also been linked to a number of misleading websites and were accused in 2007 of selling free versions of ad-aware through cyber-squatting sites. The founders of Solaria have also been linked to other companies selling porn online, reskinned versions of P2P filesharing software and charging customers for software they didn't order.

    Read more about this over at The Register

    This really does bring the entire existance and future of Ad-Aware into question, and although there is nothing to suggest the Ad-Aware software itself is questionable, it does raise a lot of questions about the ethics of the new owners - do we really want to entrust our PC's to these guys?.

    #2 google

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      Posted 14 November 2011 - 06:26 PM

      wow, thats just scary now :o

      #3 Claw

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        Posted 01 December 2011 - 12:38 AM

        Here's an interesting note. Having never used Ad-aware,I have got at least 1-2 e-mails advertising to upgrade to the newest version of Ad-aware.
        Not that Lavasoft is doing anything wrong,,,it's just that I have NEVER used the product,,and I only seem to get advertisments from products I use.
        May be just the way it is, but, it's interesting to me.

        #4 marko

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          Posted 01 December 2011 - 11:14 AM

          Chances are that's just more spam Claw, I'm not aware of ad-aware even asking for an email address in the free version, although it's been some time since I used it, having said that if you've never even used the app then it's 99% probable spam - someone will be selling the app as an affiliate and will be using their affiliate code in the spam emails. This is one of the biggest problems in dealing with shareware and one of the biggest issues facing those download sites that sell shareware - basically someone comes along claiming to be the developer of a product, submits the listing and includes their own affiliate code in the "buy now" link. What happens then in the download site is robbed of any commission on that sale because the person who just submitted the app (who doesn't own it) will get the commission on every sale made - it's organised in a big way, much the same as those people who try submitting shareware to our site or attempt to trick us by claiming it's freeware then later turns out to be a trial.

          The job of maintaining a download site is much harder now than it ever was before and it's these issues that take us the most time to deal with, it's probably only going to get worse as the site becomes busier, as it is just now, but as and when the time comes hopefully the revenue will match the popularity and we can invest in further development of the site to help us with these and other issues associated with a popular site :)

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