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Hi everyone.How do you do?I'm fine.You too.

Semih Dural's Photo Semih Dural 16 Nov 2011
I'm an art teacher.From Antalya and 54 years old.My name is Semih Dural.I am leaving with two son and my wife.We are cheerfull and hapy family.I'm paint teacher but my branch is sculptor.I worked in an high school 10 years ago. Now, i am working an techonology-designer teacher in primer school in Antalya city.I was doing statue and statuwets now i dont find free time. Would like to meet with me if you would i can meet.Thanks.

James (Jim) Hillier's Photo James (Jim) Hillier 17 Nov 2011
Hey Semih,

Lovely to see you here, you sound like a very talented man. I don't have an artistic bone in my body so I envy you. :)

I am from Australia and I am more than a decade older than you - still young at heart though. :)

Welcome and cheers...Jim

marko's Photo marko 17 Nov 2011
Welcome Semih :good:

Claw's Photo Claw 17 Nov 2011
A teacher???? I'm Claw (don't ask) I used to HATE everything about school and learning,,BUT, life gets even.........I MARRIED A TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Claw's Photo Claw 17 Nov 2011
Ok, this is for Marko,,they call me Claw because of a resemblance to a muscle bound character in the x-men movies. It must be the hairy face and the attitude , because when I look in the mirror with my shirt off........ha ha!!!!

johnw2738's Photo johnw2738 25 Nov 2011
Hi i am John Williams , by profession I am a web designer and you can say my hobby is to surf the internet and internet is my life and i love to make new friends online :)
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johnw2738's Photo johnw2738 26 Nov 2011
Semih Dural what do you teach?

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