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Freeware? Rants & Raves :o

Bozzie's Photo Bozzie 05 Dec 2011
Surf Anonymous Free->version>released 11.29.2011

IP: which is->http://www.surfanonymous-free.com/

IS bundled with ASK.COM & with NO warning anywhere

to be found. Scanned first (always do) & zilch!

Just a surprise as your looking at the show details of
the installation.
Not only is this author? dishonest but, sneaky too :ireful:
So, this is my rant so far for the day. So long for now.

marko's Photo marko 05 Dec 2011
Hate to say it Bozzie, just downloaded the latest version and ......

Attached Image

It is annoying when developers include this nonsense with their installers, but as long as they provide the option to decline the installation of third party app then we can't really do anything about it. The only time we will remove our support for a download is when a third party app is known to be dangerous and then it doesn't matter if an opt-out even exists, it will be banned anyway :)

I will add a warning to that listing though :)

Claw's Photo Claw 08 Dec 2011
Well I know for a fact that Puran Defrag Free Edition 7.3,when installing one of the first things you get to is to install Babylon World of Languages,,Babylon ToolBar,and to make Babylon your default search. It hits you out of nowhere ,right up front!!!!You can uncheck the boxes if you are paying very close attention,,or else they got you!!