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If You Could Change Your Computer

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#1 Claw


    Platinum Poster!

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    Posted 07 December 2011 - 08:52 AM

    If you could change anything about,,in or on your computer,,or even the way it works. What would it be!!!! :huh:

    #2 marko


      Platinum Poster!

    • Root Admin
    • 25,963 posts

      Posted 07 December 2011 - 09:25 AM

      I'd just like an Internet connection that could match my computer speed - and I really wouldn't say I had a great computer!!

      Computer wise, I'd probably opt for a completely computerised multimedia setup, piping Internet, music and film to any TV in the home :)

      Had a crude setup years ago with a multimedia card in the attic computer with coaxial cable running from there to the TV in the living room and access to the comp from a remote control session !!

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      #3 Apokalipsys


        Gold Poster!

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      • 50 posts

        Posted 07 December 2011 - 02:45 PM

        Just like you Marko, I would love a faster connection to the Internet, let say something about 5 times faster than my current connection speed (which is not much), both for download and for upload. B)

        In my case, I have almost everything I need connected or synchronized with my computer. I practically live all day and night in front of or near my dear computer. That includes every multimedia aspect? Said in other words, my computer is nearly all my world because it is my entertainment center, my gaming console, my workstation, (besides my knowledge, that is not extensive) the way I use for helping others (including my friends and relatives), a door to the external world, my assistive technology and an extension of my five senses.

        Let me explain that last thing a little: I have mobility problems (because of some medical conditions, some surgeries and a few accidents on the road and on a previous work area?), neurological and brain damage (also because of an accident), and besides, I am partially blind (not fully but very close?), and other medical conditions (because of genetics) ?. Heck!, I am handicapped in many ways, I am a mess! Jesus, he, he, he?! Furthermore, my social life is somewhat very limited and my family life is nearly nonexistent whatsoever (no comment on that?); so my PC is almost everything for me. My students, my friends and my customers are nearly the only things that separate me from my computer! No way! :lol:

        I need to keep it (and me) always updated, and as long I have some of the latest technology (including software), the best it is for me. Other than my computer, I almost depend on other people most of the time for anything else?

        So, if I could change my computer it would be for a whole new system with at least: an octo-core (preferably i7) processor of more than 2.5GHz, 16GB RAM (DDR3 or faster), 4-8TB fast HDD, dual Blu-ray/DVD writer, 7.1 sound card, a dual 1.5GB (DDR3 or faster) nVidia video card, a high resolution multi-pressure drawing pad, 2 or 3 >24? multi-touch screens (widescreen "16:9" but not 3D, I can?t enjoy that at all), a wireless laser mouse, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable, a fully waterproof wireless backlighted keyboard, a huge UPS to support that with at least 2-3 hours power backup time, a motherboard with full vitualization support and a lot of SATA and USB ports (2.0 and 3.0)? all other adaptations or hardware I can add or make myself later. I need something fast and reliable. That would be my base system! God that seems so huge and so far to get?! Well, Pedro Calderon de la Barca said that ?life is a dream?, and dreams are free! Don't they? :wacko2:

        P.S.: My profile picture lies... It is more than 5 years old and I was a lot more in better shape than now... and about to get married for a 2nd time.

        #4 Claw


          Platinum Poster!

        • Advanced Member
        • 786 posts

          Posted 07 December 2011 - 05:09 PM

          Apokalipsys,couldn't you have just said"color"?Lol,just kidding buddy,,4-8 fast HDD, I could rule!!!!! All the computers in my home added together won't equal the 1st line of your reply,ha,ha!! I would be happy with one of your "throw aways"".Marko,,I know man, my room here with the stereo system TV,sreakers and computer,my place looks like an electronics shop!!!! We have Satelitte TV,so there is coaxial cable running all along where my walls and floors meet,,trying to hide under the carpet. One box,a screen, keyboard and a couple of the right buttons,,that's what I want!!!
          Oh, and Apok,,,,I've beem married 3 times,the 3rd is the charm!!!

          #5 Apokalipsys


            Gold Poster!

          • Advanced Member
          • 50 posts

            Posted 07 December 2011 - 06:00 PM

            Seems so monstrous... but should be real fun!!! Ha, ha, ha.... :bye:

            I did not mean 4-8 fast HDD's but a few HDDs connected (1-4 of 1TB or 2TB-3TB) to make enough room for 4-8 terabytes.... I am using now nearly 3TB. My satellite antenna (for TV service) is also connected to my PC!! My room also looks like an electronic shop, but not because of my stuff... but rather from the stuff of my friends... they believe I am some kind of warehouse!! And the coax cable, as well as all other cables, is inevitable..., but we have to live with that. (I certainly hope the 3rd time to be perfect!! :good: )

            #6 FutureShock


              Platinum Poster!

            • Advanced Member
            • 183 posts

              Posted 07 February 2012 - 10:55 PM

              I would start on the software end. I despise the placement of "My Pictures", "My Videos", etc. in "My Documents". The folder is littered with folders from programs that I never open from MD. I always open them from the program.

              I would like a more intuitive file management interface. As it is, I have created a folder on my desktop where I store everything and placed it over toward the system tray. Since I'm right handed that works well for me.

              Beyond that, I would love to get my hands on an i5 or i7 machine. Sitll working with the old Core2Duo. I see the day coming I guess when I will have to upgrade...just not wound enough to pounce yet...

              #7 Claw


                Platinum Poster!

              • Advanced Member
              • 786 posts

                Posted 08 February 2012 - 04:02 AM

                Can't argue with that FS whenever you do decide to upgrade,,let me know, it might just convince me to do it too.
                It's not that I lack the money,,,I just don't have any,Lol.Really though , the placement of folders and the management leave a lot to be desired.

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