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Future of Facebook and other social networking sites?

facebook social networking future

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#1 marko

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    Posted 13 December 2011 - 01:30 PM

    With 2 teenagers now serving 4 years in prison for their comments on Facebook for attempting to incite a riot, I'm left wondering where does the likes of Facebook, YouTube, bebo and all the other social sites go from here?.

    I've commented before on how most of these sites turn a blind eye to a lot of what goes on within their sites, yet whilst having the ability to infiltrate or bring in systems which can flag inappropriate behavior or words. The task in hand would be massive, agreed, but given these sites make millions every year surely it would be beneficial to all concerned to have some form of monitoring system integrated and employ people to do the monitoring.

    On the subject of individuals comments and actions themselves, personally they deserve all they get, whether it was 2 years each or 20 years each, but at the same time it makes me laugh when others who commit knife crimes and such get away with a "suspended" sentence - but hey that's another story altogether!!.

    Back to the comments on social networking sites - for many people it's a form of communication between friends and family, harmless banter or fun which is great, but as with everything in life it's open to abuse and that's where some form of control has to be brought in. I'm not for censorship at all, but I am for keeping the peace, and protecting the interest's of innocent people and where it's found certain individuals have or are about to infringe upon those innocent people whether this is to cause physical harm or distress through any other form I do believe those sites responsible should step in and either prevent further problems or if it's a particularly nasty chain of events then the police should be involved.

    Truth is, these sites won't do this, and it's simply due to profits - as it stands right now, they are raking in millions of pounds each year through ad revenue or sponsorship and for them to step in and start monitoring will just eat into those profits and quite possibly scare a lot of users away, leaving them with fewer people using their sites and possibly less popularity than their rivals who may possibly not be as pro-active. Personally, I wouldn't want anyone on my site who was racist, bigoted or just downright nasty, even if this meant loosing revenue so it's a double-standard mentality really for anyone who would use that argument to defend it's stance on not intervening or monitoring abusive or inappropriate behavior on their sites.

    However, it's fair to say that most of the social networking sites are used constantly by the younger generation, most of whom may be very much averse to the possibility of any form of monitoring and the very suggestion of it could be enough of a turn off to have them running for another social networking site - personally, I'm of the opinion that if you're doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about - but hey! maybe it's just me !! :)

    Anyone else care to share their opinion on this matter? :pardon:

    #2 Claw

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      Posted 13 December 2011 - 05:01 PM

      My 20yr. old daughter uses Facebook and I am always being told "Dad look at this" but it's harmless fun from her friends, whom I know well! My 17yr. old step-son is another story!!!! He has had 4 different Facebook IDs,with 4 different e-mail addresses. Some folks say you can't do that,,BULL!!!!!
      I once actually got into his computer because of a rumour that he and some friends were flattening car tires!!!! In that computer were 4 IDs. When he got home I had him open each one in front of my wife( who thinks he does nothing wrong), and there they were!!!! All but 1 ID had vulgar words and phrases,,very degrading statments about me , friends, his mom and how he wishes a terrible demise to certain people!!!! At one point a very vivid description of what he would like to cause to happen to a former friend of his! All this time whenever my wife would ask to see his page,, he always show the safe one,,the others she didn't know about!!!! This sort of chatting had been going on for 6 yrs. on Facebook,,""VERY" detailed desciption on who ,,how ,, and why to harm these people,,,and if I wouldn't have looked into it,,Face book would have just kept allowing this!!!!!
      I'm saying he would have went through with it , but there was no warning or notice from the site,,and they were allowed to keep the post going.
      This could have ended "VERY" bad, if he and his friends were the kind,,to to actually do it. I don't trust him when it comes to certain things,(his dad was in jail,a lot) he's proven I can't!! But Facebook was a great outlet that did nothing but enterain their ideas!!!
      Very sensitive subject for me ,,Marko,,sorry I rambled on!!!! You see I agree with you, 101%!!!!

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