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FreewareBB Rules

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    Unless you are unable read or are dead then we expect everyone to follow these rules (and before anyone says they cannot read just remember you have to register .. unless someone else registers for you, in which case get them to tell you these rules) :huh:

    Da Rules

    1. Conduct
    Please do not make other members want to kill you.
    No swearing or foul language please, and do not get involved in flaming matches because we can close topics faster than you can reply! <_< (and we know how to use the 'ban' button!).

    2. Downloads/Uploads
    English freeware only please, or multi-language freeware with English option on as default.
    Do not under any circumstances, and I mean any circumstances, attempt to post anything other than genuine freeware on our board. This means that 100k virus will not get on the board, nor will the crack file from RapidShare. We monitor all files uploaded to our board as well as links provided and we WILL moderate your submission. Anyone attempting to upload such will face an instant ban. Any author links provided must be relevant to the download on offer and not simply an attempt to advertise your own site by uploading someone else's freeware.

    2a. Submitting Downloads
    We may refuse to list your submission if we feel it cannot be properly classified as freeware. This means the product must operate without restrictions, even if it is a "lite" version but as long as it can perform useful functions and is not crippled by nag screens. It must not be time limited.
    Backlinks - Similarly, your submission may be rejected if you insist on using multiple or unnecessary backlinks within your description or anywhere else on your listing. You are allowed to place the authors website within the "authors website" field which should be adequate and abuse of backlinking will not be tolerated and could result in your user account being restricted or even banned for repeat abusers.
    Download Locations - Please do not provide download locations which link to other freeware sites or generic file hosting sites as these listings WILL NOT be accepted a may simply be deleted outright without any notification. You are allowed to upload your files to our site directly but please note the upload limit on the submission form.

    3. Download Comments
    Only Verified Members have the ability to post comments on a download. As with any other part of our board, please make sure your comments are fair and constructive, and not simply "What a heap of crap" - if you have something to say about a download then by all means let it rip but please be fair and constructive.

    4. Authors
    Authors of freeware are encouraged to participate in the download section which is a great way to remain interactive with users.   You will automatically be informed of comments made to your downloads where you can respond directly.

    5. Advertising
    We will generally allow links from members who we feel are not posting only to advertise, and please be aware that all links on our site are tagged with the REL="nofollow" attribute which means your link is useless to search engines and will simply be ignored by them. It goes without saying that placing links in your sig to sites we consider adult or offensive will simply result in it's removal.

    5a. External Links
    Placing links to sites anywhere outwith the signature is forbidden also, unless you request pre-approval. There may be certain area's of the site these rules will not apply although those area's will specify this and you should pay particular attention to the descriptions and notices for any such area's where this will be noted quite clearly. Repeat offenders will be warned or banned. You MUST NOT provide direct download links to other sites under any circumstances, this is a dangerous practice and one which we take very seriously, normally this has the desired effect of attracting a lot more spam content to the site - similarly, please consider if a link you wish to provide to another site could compromise the integrity of FreewareBB, such as links to other download sites or sites which are similar to us. If you wish to discuss something, rather than link to an article, you could instead create your own topic on FBB and have our members discuss it - links to other sites just tend to drive people away rather than keep them engaged with us.

    Under no circumstances will we accept promotion of commercial or shareware software and if your website is based around either of these please don't consider requesting approval as it will not be given. Similarly, your URL must meet our safety checks and primarily you shouldn't be listed negatively in WOT, SiteAdvisor or any of the other site safety services.

    6. Providing content on our site
    We appreciate and welcome everyone to contribute to the site in any way they feel appropriate although please note we will not publish those articles, tutorials or other post's which appear to be nothing short of spam or advertising. When providing video tutorials this must be a genuine, helpful or useful tutorial on a subject relevant to us and where you are providing a tutorial on your own software this must be freeware and that fact must be obvious from your own website. If it isn't your post will probably be deleted. Similarly, merely providing links to articles, tutorials or anything else will not constitute a valid post. Please remember that the ability to post on our site is based upon it's usefulness to other members and visitors and not on how valuable the post is to you as the poster; genuine postings are obvious, as are those simply created to be of use to the posters themselves!.
    When posting content on our site please note that we reserve the right to edit or otherwise ammend any content without prior consent. Similarly, we are under no obligation whatsoever to remove post's or content unless we feel there are legal grounds to do so.
    "Chatting" and irrelevant content can be a problem for most forum area's, where the original intent or meaning of a topic is lost or taken off track entirely, in which case a moderator or admin will usually intervene in an attempt to put the topic back on track and possibly remove those post's considered "chat".   Such intervention should not be seen as conflict, it should be seen as a diplomatic method of keeping things relevant and on topic.   Anyone who wishes to enter into an argument or verbal attack on an admin or moderator in such circumstances can expect to be receive warnings or a ban if warranted.

    7. Spam
    Telling someone not to spam is easy, making them not spam is the hard part. At FreewareBB we moderate most area's of the site which means before your post is visible a member of our staff has to approve it. The exception to this is for Verified Members who are unmoderated and have ad's removed from their view.   Again, it goes without saying that if your post is spam or pointless then it won't make it on the site or will be removed if it does, and where your only goal is to obviously spam you will be banned without warning. Similarly, if you receive private messages from anyone which appears to be spam, report it to us immediately and we will take appropriate action. Do not expect to keep an account or get another one if you are found spamming. Similarly, abandoning an email account will inevitably result in freewarebb receiving 'non-delivery' warnings for your email address which will then result in your account being moved back to the "validating" group where you have to ensure your email address can be verified.   Whilst you are in the "validating" group, your user account will be highly restricted.

    8. Admins & Mods
    If a mod says 'don't do that' then chances are you shouldn't be doing it, and if you continue to do it you're sure to attract the attention of an Admin. If this happens, place your head between your legs and kiss it goodbye (and your account).

    9. Everything else
    As and when new situations develop we may need to amend these rules and or add new one's and we reserve the right to do so.

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      Please post your queries, requests and enquiries in the forums - do not PM me directly as I cannot answer everyone individually - your post stands a much better chance of receiving multiple replies from other members too on the forums.

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