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Same app under different names - spam, dec...

marko's Photo marko 13 Jan 2012
I've recently came across an app which is listed on our site a number of times - the app itself is under different names and websites but is essentially the exact same app throughout.

Take a look at the following apps:
101 Clips
1st Choice Clipboard
A to Z Clipboard
Ace Clipboard
Alpha Clipboard

Now, the obvious similarity here is the fact the titles all start with early letters or numbers, which means they are quite obviously attempting to grab the first page listings on any download site. However, when we actually look at the program more carefully, it's really not difficult to see it's the same thing, uses exactly the same installer and is, essentially, a trial version that offers to store 25 pieces of info in it's clipboard, and if you require any more than that then you have to pay for the shareware version.

With that, I'm removing our support for these downloads with immediate effect and will be adding those titles to our current list of bad freeware purely for the deception value of those attempting to push multiple titles using exactly the same product!.

Claw's Photo Claw 13 Jan 2012
I haven't tried both just JetClean,so I really don't know for sure,,yet. But I've been told that JetClean and JetBoost are basiclly the same,,maybe just one minor difference. Like I said I don't know for sure yet,,but I think later I will try both and find out !!!!

James (Jim) Hillier's Photo James (Jim) Hillier 13 Jan 2012
Nice catch Marko!! At least two of those titles are listed on CNET download.com - FreewareBB rules!!!!!!

Claw - I have serious reservations about BlueSprig (the makers of JetClean and JetBoost) and their software. I just received an email from BlueSprig informing me about a giveaway they are planning for JetClean Pro. So I went to the BlueSprig site to check it out: nowhere on the site could I find any comparisons between a Free and Pro version, nothing explaining what the differences are. The email from BlueSprig informs me that the Pro version costs $19.99usd for a ONE YEAR license. Now, I know IObit also charge annual subs for their Advanced SystemCare Pro software but...annual renewals for cleaning/optimization tools...really????

BlueSprig has strong ties with China, in fact I'm almost certain they are actually based in China with offices also situated in the USA. I can't help wondering about a possible connection with IObit, who are also China based - same horse, different color?


Claw's Photo Claw 13 Jan 2012
Hey Jim,I use Glary Utilities Free,although I have the key numbers for the Pro version( I won them). For along time I couldn't tell you what the difference was,,,until now.
Free:For all personal use !!!!
  • Automatic care in background
  • Enhanced system fixing, optimizing and more
  • Free 24x7 Technical Support
  • Consent for commercial use !!!!


jjj's Photo jjj 13 Jan 2012
When Bala7 first pointed this out I went searching for an alternative clipbard manager and came across a firm (M8 software) pushing a range of clipboards , free to paid, one being called SPARTEN clipboard.
After looking through a lot (there a thousands) a decided to remain with Ist Choice and and installed it on our other computer - during installation - I glimpsed Sparten (.dll? ) so this may be the source of this software.
Is there a way where the code could be checked in software like they do for plagiarised manuscripts ?

Claw's Photo Claw 14 Jan 2012
It all comes down to "Ethics". Which some companies put in the bottom of an overstuffed draw in the back of the office. All it takes is one small sentence in their advertisment:,,"also makers of ". I guess lying ,cheating,underhanded deception pays a hell of a lot better than "ethics ",,unless more sites like FreewareBB,,who refuses to accept and stoop down to their gutter tactic ways of doing business rise above all others and says," not here Jack ,,move on " !!!! :good:

marko's Photo marko 14 Jan 2012
Unfortunately, the tactics that some developers use are beyond a quick check - we can be lucky sometimes and spot something but normally it's just a case of using the ole gut !!. It used to be really common for people to make small apps, offer others the chance to customise it slightly and then distribute it as their own - this means they submit "their" product to thousands of download sites and gain a lot of exposure for it whilst a few thousand others do the same - it means we end up with a whole load of rubbish in our listings or at least multiple listings which all do the same thing. That's just one reason we see the same product wrapped in a different name, the other reason is obviously income. The same product, wrapped in 10 different names, stands a much better chance of hitting your desktop than just one product with one name. This is usually accompanied by a limitation on the software which means if you want to use more functionality you'll have to pay.

If we had 10 of the same products out there and 10% made it through to some of the big download sites then we're talking about thousands of downloads. Let's say, 10,000 downloads. If 10% of those down-loaders decided to purchase the extended functionality at $10 each, that still amounts to something like $10,000 revenue !! It's all about money, and even the freeware market is now becoming saturated with this nonsense and I know from experience it's a constant game of cat and mouse to try and out-wit these people. It's becoming harder, but with the support and help of our members, we're making FreewareBB the exception to the rule :)

jjj's Photo jjj 19 Jan 2012
and another one---- https://freewarebb.com/files/file/2746-101-clips-multi-clipboard-90400/

We need a name for this kind of software ? -- rabbitware --- maybe ?

marko's Photo marko 19 Jan 2012

View Postjjj, on 19 January 2012 - 09:17 AM, said:

and another one---- https://freewarebb.com/files/file/2746-101-clips-multi-clipboard-90400/

We need a name for this kind of software ? -- rabbitware --- maybe ?
LOL, that would certainly be an apt name .. good find jjj - dealing with that one right now :)