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The FreewareBB Euromillions Weekly Draw

marko's Photo marko 13 Feb 2012
Make sure you've "liked" us on Facebook for your chance to win a share of the prize! (you can "like" FreewareBB using the Facebook icon at the bottom left of our site - alongside the twitter and iPhone icon) or for your convenience click the large "like us on facebook" button underneath.

RULES & CONDITIONS (please ensure you read these carefully)
1. Firstly, you have to like FreewareBB's main page to be in the draw. To be certain you are "liking" the correct page, just click the large button below.
2. If you "unlike" us at any time before, during or after the draw, and before we have a chance to work out who's included, you run the risk of being excluded from the prize.
3. Because we can't contact you via our Facebook page we will need someway to contact you should the ticket win. The easiest way to do this would be to register with our site and send me (marko) a PM (personal message) telling me you have "liked" FreewareBB and include your email address and name on Facebook so we can match them up. Those details will be held by me personally and won't be found anywhere on the site. Until we obviously have some way to contact you, we won't be able to issue a payment to you and will only keep funds back for winners for a reasonable length of time, after which those funds will then be re-distributed amongst those we do have contact details for or if it isn't enough, it will be added to the prize fund until there is enough to distribute.
4. The winning amounts will vary depending on the total prize fund available, the amount of numbers our ticket matches and the number of people who have "liked" FreewareBB. We will only begin issuing prize money when each person due a share can receive at least £20 (20GBP). This is to save us having to administer small amounts regularly which could take some time. So, for example, if we had 100 likes and our ticket won £100, this would equate to £1 for each person who "liked" FBB. That £100 would remain in our lottery account until the subsequent ticket(s) generated enough to pay at least £20 to each person included in the draw (i.e. for 100 people the prize fund would need to worth at least £2000).
5. Anyone who "likes" FreewareBB after a draw takes place will not be entitled to a portion of that prize fund should the ticket win. They will, instead be included in the next draw. The exception to this is where unclaimed money is re-invested back into the prize fund where everyone will form part of the potential future payout.
6. if a ticket wins and we haven't been able to contact someone, we reserve the right to remove their "like" from our page to help us administer the prize fund more efficiently. Anyone who is removed in this way will have no claim over previous or future prize funds.
7. Taking part in this offer does not form any legal or binding contract between us, FreewareBB, me or you - it is a gesture of goodwill from us and our word is our promise - if you are not the trusting type, then it's easier not to participate, otherwise, "like" us, send us your email address and Facebook name and check those numbers every week !!! :)

8. We will publish each ticket on this thread each week, no later than Friday and before the draw takes place. You are urged to FOLLOW THIS TOPIC as details of any wins will be published here as well as posted on our Facebook page.

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marko's Photo marko 13 Feb 2012
Went ahead and bought the first Euromillions ticket for this Friday - these are the numbers you need to look out for guys if you have already "liked" FreewareBB - you GOTTA be in it to WIN IT !!!!

So before you check the numbers below, let's run through a few figures - as it stands right now (13th Feb 2012) we have 73 people who have already "liked" FreewareBB - if our ticket won the millionaire raffle that would be £1million pound shared between 73 people which would equate to £13,698.63 each ... if we won the jackpot which currently stands at £18million that would be £246,575.34 each !!! I'm sure you'll agree, that's worth a facebook "like" :)

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Oh well, no win this week unfortunately - the results were 04,11,28,38,47 and the lucky stars were 10 and 11.
The millionaire raffles number was YDZ413488

marko's Photo marko 24 Feb 2012
£45,000,000 up for grabs this week !!!

Make sure you've liked us on Facebook before the draw takes place tonight !!

Here's the numbers to look out for

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Results were: 03 07 12 26 34 and the lucky stars were 08 and 10
Millionaire raffle number was : BFM80096

John T's Photo John T 24 Feb 2012
Would love to like it, but some of us do not subscribe to these types of social media, preferring to let the younger element bare their souls and angst to all and sundry. I prefer Linkedin.