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InstallWatch Pro Review and Download

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    Posted 24 March 2012 - 10:02 AM

    File Submitted: 24 Mar 2012
    File Category: System Administration, Information & Security
    Will Run On: XP/Vista/7

    InstallWatch is a Windows-based filesystem comparator tool, able to compare the contents of your filesystem and system registry between two points in time.

    It's probably most often used to tell the user what changes a software installation inflicts on a system, but testers can find several other uses for the tool. For example, you can find out exactly what your software's installation process does to your system, and compare this to the expected behavior of the installer.

    You can verify that the uninstall process removes everything it's supposed to, and no more. And for any kind of testing, you can check the "background" -- see if your software introduced unexpected changes on the disk during the course of testing.

    Please note, as there is some confusion regarding the origins of this program, there is no developer site listed. A discussion on InstallWatch Pro can be found HERE.

    IMPORTANT: If you wish to leave a review for InstallWatch Pro, please ensure you leave at least 2 paragraphs, give some detailed information regarding it's functions and ideally (but optional) include a few screenshots. If you wish to leave a quick comment, please do this using the comments on the download itself

    Click here to download this file

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