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How to list content you like

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    When you find a forum post, blog or download on the site you particularly like, you can add it to "content I like" and have them listed in your CP area for you to view any time you like.   In this example, we're going to "like" a download so we can have it added to our list in the Control Panel.

    When you find a download you want to keep a note of, simply hit the "Follow this file for updates and comments".
    Fig 1.1

    You will now see an option box where you can choose to be notified of any changes that happen to that file, such as if it's updated or someone comments on it.   If you don't want to be informed of updates or comments, simply untick the "Receive notifications" box.   If you don't want people to see that you are one of the people following that download, tick the box marked "Follow Anonymously".
    Fig 1.2

    Once you have "folllowed" a download, the button changes to "Unfollow this file", giving you the option to stop receiving notifications (if you chose them) and remove the download from your list in the Control Panel.
    Fig 1.3

    Now you can double check which downloads, blogs or forum post's you have in your list by choosing the option from your profile dropdown "Content I follow" as in Fig 1.4 below.
    Fig 1.4

    When you choose this option, you will automatically be taken to the content you have participated in on the forums, such as forum posts, etc.  You will automatically be subscribed to post's you have made or replied to so don't worry if you don't remember "following" some topics, you have probably just replied to some of them.
    Fig 1.5

    To view the downloads or blogs you have "followed", simply choose the "Downloads" or "Blogs" link on the left of the screen as in Fig 1.6 below.   It's safe simply to ignore the "Pages" option for now.
    Fig 1.6

    You can "follow" a topic post or blog entry in much the same way as you would "follow" a download.   To follow a forum post you have read or enjoyed, either reply to it which will automatically subscribe you to it or alternatively you can hit the "Follow this topic" button as in Fig 1.7 below.
    Fig 1.7

    Similarly, to keep track of a blog listing in your Control Panel, just hit the "Follow this entry" button as in Fig 1.8 below.
    Fig 1.8

    If, for any reason, you want to change the way you are notified about any of the content you follow, or actually remove any content from your Control Panel, hit the "Toggle Edit Options" button and you will see the current notification situation appear below the listed content along with tick boxes down the right hand side of the listings.
    Fig 1.9

    Simply tick the boxes alongside the content you wish to change, and choose the appropriate option from the drop-down menu near the bottom of the screen.  Hit the "Update Selected" button to finalise your choices.
    Fig 1.10
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      Wow...great tutorial Marko.  Thanks for "enlightening" me...

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