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Counting Crows: Free digital music download

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Guest_James (Jim) Hillier_*

Guest_James (Jim) Hillier_*
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The mega successful band Counting Crows has partnered with BitTorrent to release a selection of tracks from their latest album for free. The Counting Crows package includes 4 MP3 tracks from the ?Underwater Sunshine? album, plus album art and liner notes.

It?s great to see a group of musicians releasing their material free and legal in this manner, and with the blessing of their recording label. Lead singer Adam Duritz is quoted as saying:

I don?t know why everybody?s not doing it, torrents are a great way for musicians to get their music out to a wider audience. The big challenge for bands these days is not sales but obscurity. Nobody?s got a boombox and nobody?s listening to radio. A pipeline is still a pipeline? it?s a conduit to the entire world for free.

It?s certainly a refreshingly alternative attitude to what has been largely emanating from within the entertainment industry of late and one which, in my opinion, is steeped in common sense.
Counting Crows - Underwater Sunshine - Album Cover.jpg
Download the Counting Crows bundle (28.2MB) from THIS PAGE. (NOTE: You will need a torrent client already set up).