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Free or Pay

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#1 Claw


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    Posted 09 June 2012 - 03:23 AM

    I was looking over a list of Shareware and Freeware reviews, when I noticed just how many users are using free anti-virus software. Popular names like Norton, and McaFee still get a share of the market, but names such as Avast, Comodo, AVG, and Avira, all command a large portion of the list.Now it is true that some of the pay versions of software have many more features than the free versions, still, for the basic user, most freeware will do everything that that is often needed.Most free versions do have an upgrade to pay or pro levels, but an AV like Microsoft Security Essentials does not have a pay version.
    Freeware versions of software such as Ccleaner, Glary Utilities all handle the job just fine. Browsers like Chrome, FireFox all do as much as shareware browsers like Smart Explorer.
    I run 4 older (xp) pc's and all are equippedwith freeware, everything, installed on them except MS Office on 2,is freeware. Next time when software of any kind is needed,,,,check for the freeware version or the freeware alternative before putting out that hard earned money. You just might be surprised.

    #2 marko


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      Posted 09 June 2012 - 06:51 AM

      Normally, I advise anyone buying a new PC not to purchase any of the "deals" that the salespeople will usually insist you buy for your protection, or they'll ask if you have kids and scare the living daylights out of you buy telling you all sorts of horror stories. I remember my sister in law was at PCWorld a few years ago buying a laptop and the salesman was giving her a particularly hard time about buying McAfee total protection so she phoned me and asked if she needed it, which she didn't obviously and the salesman actually started disagreeing with me, via her, explaining that freeware couldn't do as good a job so I told my sister in law to give him the phone and I asked him to explain the facts to me. When he attempted to explain McAfee had a built in firewall and antivirus I told him avast was a superior antivirus program and Comodo or Online Armor had highly respectable free firewalls so he banged on about the fact that using separate programs was never a good idea so I asked him why, and he couldn't really give me a straight answer so I told him to put my SIL back on the phone - as soon as she answered I told her the salesman she was speaking to was an idiot and just looking for commission on another sale and if he persisted in trying to sell her software to ask to speak to the manager and refuse to even buy the laptop and instead try another store - she did, and she even got a discount on the laptop for her trouble!!.

      Another time I took ex-policeman friend to a similar store because he knew very little about laptops, etc, and again the pressure started so I politely told the salesperson we didn't need additional software, just the laptop which was fine. He then sat us down to do the paperwork and explained he would run quickly over the additional protection for insurance to see if we wanted it, I told him we didn't because normally the insurances aren't worth the paper they are written on but he insisted it would only take a few minutes - I again told him we didn't need it but he was going to run through it quickly anyway. My friend, being the sort not to suffer fools, stopped the guy in his tracks and asked him what part of no he didn't understand ... the salesman said it literally would only take a few moments and my friend again said, listen, he's already told you we don't want it or need it, now I'm telling you I don't want or need it, either do the paperwork for the laptop or find yourself another customer!!. He wasn't a happy chappy, but it proves the point, be firm with these guys and stand your ground - they are working for commission most of the time and not necessarily in your best interests !!

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      #3 Claw


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        Posted 09 June 2012 - 03:19 PM

        The salesman she was speaking to was an "idiot". I love that word, it sums up a lot of things with very little effort. LOL.
        As for your ex-policman friend,,we good get along just fine. Marko, my wife' s school runs AVG, of course it's the high end major version, but theschool system is always getting hacked or some sort of virus. AVG is the third AV they have used in 4 yrs. Now I know they can't use a free AV, but these high priced softwaresor just not needed but your average user. "Common sense and a good arsenal of freeware security" will always win out. And it doesn't cost a dime.

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