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Site participation, comments and copying external content

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    Guys, over the past few weeks I've found myself having to delete more and more content and comments than ever before. Whilst everyone's participation is appreciated and welcome, it would appear that idle chit chat in forums and comments, together with post's containing copied content from other sites and/or links to external sites has began taking over.

    Whilst I don't want to appear ungrateful to those making an effort to participate, it would be foolish of me to allow this to continue as it takes post's and thread's way off topic and could be somewhat of a turn-off to other readers. As a site owner, I have to make sure that the site's best interests are my number one priority and by posting 'chat' or copied content on the site you are not, unfortunately, contributing to the site in a positive manner, but instead creating more work for me in having to remove such and potentially turning away new visitors who would expect unique or informed postings. Another important aspect is that the front page of the site should reflect the best possible and relevant content, by continually posting irrelevant material or off topic comments, you are moving other important and interesting topics off the front page far too quickly.

    Download comments should really only be used to add opinions to the software itself, it's not a place for chat back and forward between members. The forums, whilst not necessarily restricted, are also an area which has seen a lot of postings which can be considered 'chat' rather than constructive postings. In the right circumstances 'chat' could be considered humorous or warranted, which is great, but lately it's just been one liner replies taking these threads beyond the point of sense or replies which then go on to discuss other matters, not necessarily even relating to freeware or the original matter of the thread, taking subjects way off topic.

    More worryingly, those threads and post's which are simply copies of external content can damage the site's reputation, and this would be seen as plagiarism which is something the search engines will penalise a site for. Unless you are able to discuss a news story or other topic using your own words, please do not simply copy and paste a news article onto our site.

    We allow members the ability to chat between themselves via the personal messenger system or the "General Chat" forums where this type of correspondence should be kept.Posting this type of chat in an active thread will take the subject off topic, as others may feel inclined to add to the chat which then leaves me with the dilemma of which post's to clean up/delete to put the matter back on topic.

    The golden rule is keep things on topic and relevant - it saves me time and allows me to deal with other matters on the site and adds value to your posts and the site. Those who genuinely wish to be here for the site won't have any trouble understanding or appreciating this, and to those people I thank you for your continued, and future support and participation.
    Kind Regards
    Please post your queries, requests and enquiries in the forums - do not PM me directly as I cannot answer everyone individually - your post stands a much better chance of receiving multiple replies from other members too on the forums.

    Please remember that we have people from many different timezones on the site and if your post requires a reply it could take longer at some at some points because of this.

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