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Renewed my acquaintence with FBB after a plug on Dave's Computer Tips reminded me. I tried to download several titles in Games/Sports. I managed 2. Others directed me to a page about Hotlinks.com that went nowhere. Several sent me to the front door of Simtel instead of the linked prog. Attempts to locate the games by Search or manually were worse than useless. Of the 6 attempted downloads I acquired 2 games and 2 'enhanced' installers.

The results were the same on FF and IE. Any ideas would be appreciated.





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      Hello guest bem

      Sorry about your experience. marko works basically around the clock to keep things at FreewareBB updated and running smoothly. I know he's working hard on a system for updating the installers here.

      I'm surprised to hear that happened. I've downloaded dozens of programs from FBBs downloads area, and I think just one was to an external link page. If I remember, even it was an autodownload and from the developer. I just don't recall ever having the difficulty you have experienced with the ones you were targeting. I haven't yet downloaded any games here, however. Also, I think the search feafure does take a little getting used to. I can usually find them now, although at first I would run into a situation where the search either returned dry or with every file in an entire category.

      Just for the record, download problems for specific freewares can be reported on the download page, and marko handles them very fast.

      If you could pass on the titles of the ones that you couldn't find, perhaps I or someone else could help you find them...




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          Bem, FutureShock basically covered it - from time to time we do find listings which are old and outdated - by the sounds of things, you've came across some sites which are no longer valid and have generic holding pages - if you have an account on FBB you can hit the "report a problem" link and we'll investigate and, if necessary, remove the outdated listings :)
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