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Are Avast taking the proverbial?

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    I've been called upon recently by many family and friends who were telling me their Avast antivirus was about to expire and my advice to them was simply to re-register, however one user told me the "trial period" was about to expire and I wondered to myself, are Avast about to pull the plug on their freeware version, surely not !!.

    So, I went along and surprise surprise, it's the old "press this" and "press that" routine where the developers place a massive button in front of a user saying "get more protection" or something similar and then provide a tiny button saying "or stay with basic protection". Of course, our friends just see the big button so go ahead and press it to (as they say) stay protected. However, what happens here is that a trial version of the Internet Security Suite is downloaded and installed and it's obviously hoped that at the end of this trial the user will then continue to pay for it's use when they receive the "your protection ended" prompt.

    Most of the family and friends who had contacted me recently had exactly the same issue and it was this problem they were trying to explain, not the fact that their subscription to the free antivirus was about to subscribe at all. So, again, here we have a security vendor using potentially misleading tactics in the hope of confusing or misleading people into hitting buttons and paying for things when it could be made so much clearer.

    Having said that, I've known some of my friends and family to end up with a dozen toolbar's on their browser :man_in_love: lol, I can't figure it out :girl_cray2:

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        Sounds like you may have gotten all the tech sense in your family marko lol...

        Seriously jk here, but I had this problem with AVG back around 2009 2010, when it seemed like they would do anything to try to get users to pay them. It was quite confusing.

        Avast has been creeping down this avenue, and I admit this latest version is the most confusing yet. I still have faith that the developers will reel in this behavior, although I have my doubts they will ever do it completely.

        I guess as long as the system is effective and remains free, I will stick with Avast. The commitment seems to be enough on their part for me to believe that they must sense how much of a payoff long term it could be for them to continue the free service. I sure won't be complaining if the Avast group becomes a hot commodity in corporate security solutions and earn big dollars, provided they don't abandon their current commitment to free home security...

        I am confident Avast will make it through the times of its testing... :good:




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            When I deal with family and friends relating to the 'downloads' and 'toolbars' saga, I advise them to have a screen manifier handy, or download the freebie magnifier, Xoomer, and keep one or the other at hand on the taskbar,,,,, and when downloading, always use the magnifier to carefully look for items not required ......... and untick the (sometimes) very tiny tick-boxes.

            Other advice is to also beware of the big blue or green buttons.

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