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Privitize VPN is a Virus

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    Privitize VPN is billed as a free virtual private network program, but in fact what it is, is a malicious software program that infects your computer. Privitize VPN will set your homepage to google.com/webph. It will hijack your browser and set the search engine to search.privitize.com, plus install a toolbar for IE and install, Maagnipic on your computer.

    I looked up Privitize VPN after a friend called me to tell me about getting infected by it, it was even in his, Manage Add-ons list. I couldn't get too far checking it out because when I googled PrivitizeVPN, and the list came up, as soon as I clicked the name to try and go to the Privitize VPN site, It was blocked by Avast as a Trojan Horse and a Malicious site.

    I you were unlucky enough to download and install this malicious software, here are some ways to remove it.


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