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56 Wrecker

56 Wrecker

Member Since 01 Oct 2012
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56 Wrecker

01 October 2012 - 01:41 PM

Hello !

My "screen-name" is 56 Wrecker....because......I have a 1956 Ford 2-ton Wrecker in the back of my yard......taking up space in part of my vegetable garden....

Before I retired, I used it in my "Used Auto Parts" business.  I used it for a while here at home.....pulling stumps and lifting heavy items.  I don't do that anymore.  Wore Out !
( NOT the 56 Wrecker.....it's OK. ....  I WORE OUT !  Another Heart-Attack .  Dang-it !  )

My first computer was an Apple II +   I got that in a Pawnshop.  It used a cassette-recorder for "memory".  Quite a "novelty", I thought.  That was 1980.  ( maybe 1979 )

My NEXT Computer was a "Columbia Data Products" PORTABLE that I bought about 1983.  With the printer, 300 baud telephone modem, and a few other minor accessories.......it cost me about
$ 5,000.00.   It was an IBM-PC "clone"  It used two 5.25 inch "floppy" drives.....no "hard-disk".  I still have it.  ( I figure that I haven't "got my money" out of it yet !!! )  I don't use it anymore....but it still works.  The screen is only amber color.  ( easier on the eyes than that piercing green that most computers had on-screen in those days.)

I've got a couple of old HP/Compaq computers now ( about 7 or 8 years old ) using Windows XP.

Over 30 years with Computers....and I still don't know a damned thing about them.
Like women....they are a mystery to me.   But, I like BOTH !!!

That's about it.  I guess I'll go "change the oil" in my
56 Wrecker